Blake Shirley

Artist Statement


In this most recent body of work, images are revealed as fragments in the midst of change, destruction, redefinition, or restoration.  There is a mixture of both the familiar and the inexorably strange.  There are moments of clarity, if only fleeting, with plenty of uncertainty.  The imagery references seemingly ephemeral subject matter such as clouds, shadows, or otherwise ghostlike forms that could vanish or solidify at any time yet become held in place through the act of painting.  The images used appear to be on the verge of dissipating or morphing, but are caught in a “still” moment of change, allowing for a contemplative state to arise.  These moments contain the possibility of evoking ideas revolving around the concept of time, remembering, desire, mortality mixed with a dry humor.  As this ‘in-between’ state emerges, a further challenge arises as the images teeter between identifiable and unidentifiable, provoking the notion of longing, change, and transformation.